NEW! Scratch-N-Win Coupon

Digital ScratchNWin coupons offer fun and engagement to your mobile marketing!

You are able to combine the scratch and win with a 'social login' to capture big customer databases in no time.

ScratchNWin promotions gives proven results for marketeers and retailers and are the most succesful promotion type.

Customers will love your ScratchNWin program because it brings fun, suspense and surprises. People like to scratch and win coupons and win prizes. Scratch and win coupons add gamification to mobile marketing

ScratchIt Coupons adds brand visibility

Scratch-N-Win contests can be branded and personalized with your logo. You can give customers only 5 chance to scratch or set a number of retries. You can also set the reset time so people can scratch only once, or every day, every month. You can set all win chances

Our system supports building random prizes via scratchit coupons. You can set the win/loose chances and also personalize the winning and losing images.