ScratchIT Digital Coupon Agreement (Sample)
This agreement does not create any kind of liability on either of the parties
The Principle/Owner/Company/Authorised Rep______________________ having its registered office at _________________________
has authorised the Agent OZ Furtado ___________, owner of Goa Angels Accelerator, a business registered with the Goverment of Goa, with Trade License
Number VP/V/1826/2015-2016, based in Goa, India:

The Principle has authorised the Agent for utilizing the Agent's ScratchIT App to promote, to market Principals products and services through Digital Coupons sales
through smart phones across India.

The ScratchIT App uses sophisticated analytics and custom designed branded Principal's approved digital coupons to increase sale of Principal's products/services
across India on smart phones. Customers download the Android ScratchIT APP on Google Play Google play for FREE and use coupons.

The Agent's ScratchIT APP service is provided FREE of cost to the Principal until the Principle wishes to discontinue it or make changes to the coupons and discounts or
services and products, with a written email notice to OZZVIZ@GMAIL.COM

AGENT.. 7507670077 Principal

Signature Signature

Tel: Tel:



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