OZ Furtado

Founder & CEO

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OZ, A.K.A Osvaldo, Son of Dr. Maurilio Furtado was born and bred on the pristine snow white silicon sands of Varca, one of the best and
the longest beaches of GOA, in India and the Pacific Rim.27 miles long.

Ozzy's Hindi school teacher told him that he is a Zero since he could not deal with the Hindi language but now fluent in English,
Portuguese, Konkani, Hindi & some French, German, Spanish

Therefore, OZ Zeroed into the Zero, and found that even Google is based on a formula with 100 Zeros. OZ developed the
ScatchIT Digital Coupon for smartphones and won the first prize at the National Tech-Fest, 2014 at the Goa College of Engineering. www.Gec.ac.in

OZ also invented the Coconut Liquor OOZ, distilled from 100% fresh coconuts.

India's last product or invention is ZERO .

OZ was also inspired by Elon Musk and two college dropouts Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and took their advice and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Elphinstone College, Fort, Bombay, Maharashtra University and a Diploma in Hotel Management from Crans-Montana, Rhone valley, Switzerland Oz is a pure Vegan, loves to do research, play chess, tennis, soccer, swim, cycling, make friends and travels to music festivals worldwide.ozzviz@gmail.com