Unique Selling Proposition

Your Brand in your customers smart phones forever, with just a Scratch .

ScratchIT is the new medium of marketing from the State of Goa, the Kingdom of Freedom for every company in India to market their product or service for FREE

We are a World Class Next-Gen Digital Coupon using Photonics technology, which can penetrate 920 million smartphone users like a laser beam through our ScratchIT App with the highest user interaction and user experience in all of India

Our Next-Gen Digital Premium Coupons are Guaranteed to generate sales, add new customers and will save you lakhs of rupees in this futile and blurred advertising campaigns and marketing costs and in this current fierce and flooded markets of India with over a billion consumers.

Conversion to Warm Leads

Increase in Customer Engagement

Increase in Total Sales

Increase in Foot Traffic

ScratchIT Features:

1) FREE classic, creative, company branded customized digital coupons with a Visual Appeal, which will intrigue and compel customers to buy.

2) Customers scratch coupons on their smart phones in a very unique interactive participation interface and win random surprise free prizes and discounts like Buy1Get1 free, win a free bus ticket to Goa, free pizza and so on as long as they ScratchOn.

3) The Scratch- N -Win Coupon service allows you to setup mobile marketing campaigns, utilizing QR codes as the call-to-action for participants.

4) FREE unlimited digital customized coupons

5) FREE customized digital coupon booklets

6) Coupons delivered via Emails to all our customers.

7) Geo-Targeting, Allows customers to place orders from our ScratchIT App, plus you receive a daily statistics of who is ordering what from your store locations

8) Brings the customers to your door step with address and directions and constantly reminds them of your special offers and discounts to be redeemed as soon as possible and encourages them to buy more and on a consistent basis. The customer feels welcomed when using our App.

9) Triple X deliverance of this medium generates triple results of getting the:
a) Attention of the customer,
b) Claiming the discounts and prizes and generating sales
c) This is a very exciting, effective, efficient, economical, electronic method of synchronized Advertising-Marketing- Sales which goes viral via social media, adds new customers and is absolutely FREE.

NEW! Scratch-N-Win Coupon, 2015