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Our technology helps you distribute coupons offers through smart phones

The state-of-the-art couponing system!

  1. Proven : Powers some of the world's most successful brands
  2. Scalable : Handles many scans, and rapidly growing
  3. Reliable : Uptime and enterprise-class support
  4. Secure : Stringent data security.
Mobile Coupon distribution off mobile offers


Details on Security

If you have ever suffered from coupons "going viral" in an uncontrolled fashion and exhausting promotional budgets, then you've come to the right place. ScratchIT coupon has built a variety of proprietary features to limit digital promotions to intended recipients, channels and geographies.

  1. Now you can securely deliver targeted, high-value e-commerce offers without worrying that they're spreading across the Internet. ScratchIT coupon can create and serve dynamic promo codes online, then instantly validate the offer at the point-of-sale.
  2. Choose from a variety of leading security features to ensure that only the right consumers coming from the desired channel and geography can access your promotions.
  3. Mitigate fraud risk with intelligent coupon templates that incorporate a variety of unique elements,personalization and validation features.
  4. This proprietary validation service can verify the authenticity of any coupons via an internet connection or smartphone.

Data & Analytics

Details on Data & Analytics

Ever wonder which digital marketing channels and individual ads are likely to drive greater revenue? Attribution is a big topic in online marketing. ScratchIT coupon provides granular analytics on cross-channel performance of campaigns so you know which promotions are driving sales.

  1. ScratchIT coupon can generate dynamic barcodes to ensure scannability. ScratchIT coupon works in conjunction with any retailer's proprietary single-use barcode systems
  2. Simply pass any information you'd like to track on a URL and ScratchIT coupon can associate with every promotion viewed, printed and redeemed.
  3. ScratchIT coupon can receive data from any CPG clearing house or direct from any retailer to match on-line data against redemption data to unlock insights.
  4. ScratchIT coupon can push online and offline data client and third parties, such as email service providers, bid management platforms and any other vendors with which a client works.
  5. ScratchIT state of art digital coupon technology is integrated with safe secure encrypted azure Microsoft technology with 99.9% uptime with auto scaling. http:azure.microsoft.com