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ScratchIT coupon allows businesses, small and large, to loop mobile marketing into their business processes. It quickly and easily integrates mobile marketing within your store or restaurant and enables retailers and QSR brands the ability to redeem, track and validate mobile coupons in real-time directly through their smart phone or tablets.
With ScratchIT coupon, you can custom tailor any offer you choose, and decide exactly how and when a guest may use it. Use these offers to increase sales on a slow business day. ScratchIT coupon`s Technology closes the loop on digital/mobile/analog offers at the Point-of-Sale with no POS upgrades required. You can now create, distribute, redeem and track all sorts of digital offers.
Your business is all about increasing the frequency in which your loyal and non-loyal customers return to your restaurant. Consumers are inundated with information and offers forcing you to be more efficient, targeted and relevant with your promotions and messaging.
Whether you`re a small retailer looking to get into the `digital game`, a large retailer looking to overcome your POS limitations, a POS manufacturer looking for an edge or a marketing agent looking for more cost effective ways to engage with your end customers, contact us and let us see how we can help you.
Your client only need mobile data and our ScratchIt App.
By using ScratchIT coupon’s mobile couponing service, retailers can drive customer acquisition thereby increasing footfall in-store, engage customers through useful relevant information to drive sales and brand loyalty, and retain customers through the real-time intelligence our system provides back to the business.
ScratchIT unique Coupon Code is embedded on the coupon, anyone with a smartphone can receive them. Customers requesting coupons want them issued immediately whilst you want to give the coupon a specific expiration date. Either way, we can make it happen. It is convenient.
Issues with point-of-sale scanning of mobile-based coupons and offers. Line hold-ups caused by redemption of sequential mobile-based coupon offers. Redemption policies that conflict with manufacturers’ coupons. Outdated retail systems that lack coupon functionality. Lackluster consumer experience viewing coupons on mobile screens
Agencies, Brands & Retailers might think that implementation will take several months and cost a fortune, but it's just not the case. The days of an entire backend, massive technology solution that breaks the bank are over.
No! All of our products have been built from the ground up to give a user-friendly experience that anyone can use. Offer in-depth sales and support via your local sponsor, along with dedicated support staff, we give you everything you need to build and maintain a successful profitable mobile marketing business. We and your local sponsor also offer design and management services to allow you to focus on selling.
We can generate unlimited coupons with unique coupon codes for each and every coupon with tracking system as per clients requirements.
ScratchIT coupon gives you the blueprint and tools you need to secure big profits using each of our mobile marketing solutions.
We have a free trial offer for one month after that we will determine based on your sales.